My neighbor made some really bad Kombucha… Did you try it?

When I was 15, I made a calculation error that resulted in the best Kombucha recipe ever, and I only just discovered that it was an error. 5 teabags is not equal to 5 Tablespoons of loose leaf, it’s equal to 5 teaspoons.

I’ve been using 3X as much tea as the recipe practically everyone on the internet is sharing, for the past 16 years, because it makes REALLY good Kombucha, and I didn’t know why everyone else’s tasted flat and watery.

It turns out I’m not the only one using larger amounts of tea or other variations that make better Kombucha, and it’s time you learned the truth about how incredibly resilient and craft-worthy Kombucha really is.

You can literally do almost any of the things we were originally warned about not doing with Kombucha. With a few exceptions, this fermented tea drink has almost limitless potential for creative, authentic, craft brew styling. You can use herbs, various sugars, various amounts of ingredients – you can use hops, fruits, honey – all the things they said not to do. You can bottle carbonate it or keg it, for a delightfully fizzy drink that keeps for months in the refrigerator. It’s the perfect canvas for creative-nurturers like myself, who want to share nourishing flavorful art with others. That’s really why I brew Kombucha.

I love to nurture people, and I practice doing things precisely so I can truly craft flavor, health and love into the food and drinks I share with my friends and family.

Just getting started or wanting to up your Booch Craft game?

My #1 tip if you want to make really good Kombucha: STOP skimping on the tea. Tea is the key ingredient that creates the real flavors in your brew. You need to use enough, and you need to buy quality tea.

If you are new to brewing or looking to up your Bucha brewing game, you are really going to want to save this page. I’ve got serious answers to many of the anecdotal brewing details that you will see circulating the internet, and it might surprise you how easy it is to make bad Kombucha, but with the right information, you can make REALLY GOOD KOMBUCHA at home. For pennies on the dollar vs. store bought. I literally make mine for about .25 cents a bottle, and it tastes better than anything you can buy. …OK, some of the local Kombucha micro-breweries are making quality stuff, available freshly made for $6 a bottle or so, and it’s great because they care about crafting incredible stuff. I love discovering local craft brewed flavors, almost as much as I like creating them.

#KombuchaWorld is about sharing your creativity with others

The Kombucha World Master recipe, instructions and information are all available free of charge.

You don’t need to sign up or even let me know you were here. Just use my info and share the good stuff with the people you love.

If you are looking for sources of bulk tea or sugar, bottles, brewing vessels or other supplies checkout my resources page

If you need a SCOBY, and you can’t get one from a friend, you can purchase one of my freshly grown Kombucha World SCOBY Cultures for $29, securely packaged with liquid starter and shipped from my SCOBY farm to your door.

If you share the #KombuchaWorld vision, the best place to get a SCOBY is from a friend, but I know that not everyone has a friend who makes Kombucha – yet. Be that friend, and make incredible living nourishment for your friends and family, then share your own Kombucha Craft Secrets with the world.